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What to expect from a massage session

​Firstly have a look at the different treatments to get an idea of what is available.  Sessions can involve a mix of therapies.  For example, you may have shoulder/neck pain that would benefit from a deep tissue massage, followed by a relaxation massage on your back.  We can discuss what is best going to suit you at the start of your session.
Health history
We provide a health history form for you to complete on your first visit.  This covers any issues that may be of concern and helps to identify areas of tension/pain that may need to be worked on.  We find out what it is that you would like to achieve from our sessions together.  This information is confidential, for the therapist resource only, and will not be provided to anyone else without your permission.
Postural assessment / motion test
A postural assessment and range of motion tests may be completed to get a starting point and help assess any restrictions that may be present.  You will be fully informed on how these work and what is required.

During the session 
We will give you instruction on how to lie on the table (ie. face up or face down), and you will always be covered by a towel or sheet.  We'll tell you which clothes to remove and which to leave on, you will be left alone in the massage room to do this.
During the session the towel/sheet will be moved to expose the area being worked on.  All other areas, including private areas, will remain covered.  The pressure of the strokes will be checked during the session for your comfort. 

After the session
When the session is finished you will be asked to get up and dressed, again you will be left the room alone for this.
Follow up/feedback on the session and how you feel about further treatments will be discussed, along with any re-assessments of tests and stretching or follow up care required. Eg. drinking water after a session is advised.
Please feel free to ask questions at any time about any procedures.  We want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable with the session as possible.